Guinea Pig Training Treats

Most people will agree that guinea pigs seem to live for food! They munch hay all day and yell out for veggies whenever they want it. So what can you use as a reward for your guinea pigs training?

Guinea pig training treats can be anything from grass, carrots to lettuce or cucumber. You can experiment and find out what food your guinea pig likes best. You should be able to cut it up into small pieces as you don’t want your guinea pig to have a big treat. The smaller the training treats, the more likely your guinea pig will want to work for more. Listen to your guinea pig sounds to better understand them.

Some guinea pigs can be very picky about the treats and will only perform for you if they are worthwhile. Try and mix up different sorts of foods chopped up in a container and see which ones your guinea pig prefers. Have a variety of guinea pig training treats on hand so that you can grab them when you need to.

Herbs are easy to grow in your garden and can be used for treats. However, they MUST be used in moderation, never give your guinea pig too much of something that he hasn’t tried before.

Name of your guinea pig is important. If the name is confusing the pet will not respond well. Read the tips about guinea pig names and how you should call female or boy guinea pigs.

Lavender, marigold, chickweed, dill, thyme, marjoram, basil and mint are just a few in the long list of plants that can be used as training treats for guinea pigs.

Veggies are the best sorts of treats to give your guinea pig. The best ones have lots of vitamin c that guinea pigs cannot make themselves. Capsicum, Arugula, Carrots, Chard, Cherry tomatoes, Cilantro, Courgette, Coriander, Cucumber, Endive and zucchini are all very good. Others that are high in phosphorus, oxalates and sugar must all be used cautiously.

Fruits really are treats and guinea pigs should only have a small bit once a day as you can read from this what can guinea pig eat article. This can be included in training, but only a tiny amount per reward. Many fruits are recommended as a once a month or once a week, so keep this is mind.

Blackberries, blueberries, cherries, dried figs, grapes and watermelon are all excellent fruits.

Homemade treats are very easy to make and there are literally hundreds of recipes on the internet for you to try. Find a few tasty vegetables and throw them in with some of your guinea pigs pellets. Blend them together with a little water and pack the mix into a baking tray. Now you bake them! Chop them up into small squares, if you are using them for training you will want to cut them into very small squares that a guinea pig can chew and swallow quickly.

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